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Taking your project to new heights with greater ease and safety.

Ischebeck Can offers a wide variety of options, catering to projects ranging from multi-story car parks,
residential and high rise residential developments to commercial and industrial construction.

Project: 1021 W Hastings

1021 W Hastings

Owner: Oxford Properties
General Contractor: Ledcor Construction
Concrete Contractor: RFour Contracting Ltd.

Ischebeck Products

Megashore: Tables and Flying Tables

This was a demanding project, as the footprint of the tower turned with each level to give it the unique appearance. RFour Contracting developed table tops specific to this project in order to accommodate the oblong shaped slab-beam on each level, which turns with the tower. This specific table design allowed them to pour the slabs efficiently.

Project: Aviara


Owner: Ledingham McAllister
General Contractor: Marcon Construction
Concrete Contractor: RFour Construction

Ischebeck Products

Megashore: Tables and Flying Tables

RFour Contracting used tables in the parkade and flying tables for the typical floors.

Project: The Budzey Building

The Budzey Building

Owner: Raincity Housing and Support Society
General Contractor: Stuart Olson Construction
Concrete Contractor: CWL Contracting Ltd.

Ischebeck Products

Ischebeck HV and Megashore

The suspended slabs of The Budzey Building do not have slab-beams. Therefore they lend themselves perfectly for the application of the Ischebeck HV system for efficient forming. Maximum ceiling height was 18'. The ramp to the parkade required the Ischebeck Megashore system.

Project: City Center 1

City Center 1

Owner: Lark Group
General Contractor: Lark Group
Concrete Contractor: RBI Group

Ischebeck Products

Megashore: Tables and Flying Tables

City Center 1 is Ischebeck Can's first project. Contractors chose to use tables for the parkade, and flying tables for the typical floors above level 2. The main level and level 2 presented specific challenges dues to the fact that they were a transfer and a high lift slab. The hoarding (covered walkway) was built with Megashore which allowed building the pedestrian protection in an open concept without compromising security. A 9 metre wide parkade entrance was created by laminating three high strength Ischebeck Aluminum Beams.


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